SHAKE BEFORE USE: A Basic Guide for How Life Works

Original Book Offers Holistic view and Practical Approach of Self-Discovery and Empowerment.

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readers will ...

Create a new and solid foundation

Borrow the building blocks needed for your mental structure from ancient knowledge and be who you are meant to be.

Learn the various levels of consciousness and empowerment

This way you will learn how to continually increase their self-awareness and empowerment

Thinking habits

Create more positive thinking habits and behavioral patterns to transform themselves

Add techniques and tools to improve your life

Receive mental, physical, spiritual and meditative techniques and tools for overcoming daily life challenges

Influencing behaviors


Understand how the mind, body and soul work together to influence views and behaviors

Design your life

Start designing their own life path towards personal fulfillment and happiness


"Shake Before Use:
A Basic Guide For How Life Works"

Welcome to the decoding of how life works, and become the real boos of your life.
This book will explain you everything we never learned growing up on how to easily overcome life’s challenges and develop our full potential in order to become who your really meant to be.

If you think that having a Degree is important, wait to feel fully empowered with the POC Framework and feel the experience. It is like having a 3D virtual glasses that receives simultaneously information from different planes - from everything and everywhere.

Shake Before Use introduces a simple and practical framework that enables anybody to live consciously in order to enjoy a more pleasant and satisfying life full of happiness, love, peace and serenity. The principles and real-life experiences set forth in this book are designed to present both an educational framework as well as a spiritual one in order to empower and inspire all of us – mind, body and soul. This guide covers a full range of areas to develop in order to become empowered through enlightenment. Topics related to business and management, meditation, leadership, self-discovery and self-examination, and much more, are used in this awesome book.

I am very grateful to have gone through this process that has brought (and continues to bring) new knowledge and new experiences that enable me to live a new life – a life that is more meaningful, more productive and more fulfilling.

Why did I write this book?


“I wrote this guide because I feel the personal responsibility to pass on the knowledge that was shared with me. I want to give others hope in that no matter their background or circumstance, they can proactively create the life they want; they don’t have to feel stuck in the role they think will please their family or society,” said Morcillo. “I found this out the hard way by making a lot of mistakes growing up – some of them very painful – because I did not have the mental structure to build and make sense my knowledge.”


Added Morcillo: “But, I also learned from those mistakes. I discovered a way to navigate my compass towards what I wanted. In doing so, I felt empowered to pursue my full potential. And now, I feel compelled to pay that insight forward. I want this book to help them approach life through a lens of consciousnesses and of love, and to support them in becoming who they want to be, and not what they’re told to be.”

We can create our own path forward. We just have to be taught how to do so. and this book is a remarkable discovery tool to start our own journey

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