1 - Q: Share with us a little bit about why you wrote this book. How did you come up with the idea for it?

One morning about three years ago, I woke with this revelation that a big part of my life’s purpose was to help others. I had just overcome some significant challenges in my life and had really found life-changing happiness through my personal journey. I had sought understanding about why I felt so stuck and lost in life, and then discovered how to change that all that for the better. I truly had transformed myself from the inside out, and that particular morning I woke up, I realized I could help others do the same. It was like this overwhelming sense of urgency hit me, and I needed to proactively do something about it – in a tangible way! 

So, my first goal was to write this book. It felt like the responsible thing to do in order to pass onto others all the insight and practical exercises I had collected throughout the years. I wanted to pay it forward. I knew there were a ton of people who were not living but really just existing. They were suffering, like how I was, and I felt compelled to help in some way. 

That morning, I decided to make it my mission to help others in life learn how to evolve. If I can enlighten or empower any child or adult through this mission, then all my hard work is worth it. So, here we are.  

2 - Q: It sounds like this book can appeal to people of all different ages. Are there specific life stages that it primarily targets?

A: I wrote this book for all different types of audiences, I wanted it to be a guide for adults. But It’s also for families to review with their teenagers together because it’s never too late or too early to learn and grow ourselves in all aspects (mind, body and soul). This book is especially ideal for anybody who is not happy with their current life and is looking for a way to improve it themselves. 

I would also love for parents to read it so that they can be sure to instill in their children life development tools and to give them the freedom and the encouragement to create their own paths in life and be who God designed their children to be.

3 - Q: I’m sure there’s been people along the way who have inspired you to dive deep into researching and exploring this topic of enlightenment and how we can all empower ourselves by becoming more conscious about not only what’s within us but also around us. Who has been your sources of inspiration?

A: Yes, there are many, many leaders whose life stories have inspired me! But, one of the most important ones for me was Nelson Mandela. Studying everything about his full life experiences—the what, why, how and what for—provided such valuable learning for me. I am reminded of how Mandela, after his father died, was placed in the care of a Regent who became his guardian. He and his wife educated Mandela just like they did with their own children, just as the son of a king. What an example he was for empowerment, life reflection, personal integrity…and his ability to confront and overcome any obstacle in his life, including nearly 30 years in jail!  

Also, reflecting on my own experiences growing up has inspired me to explore that connection between how we think and feel, and what we do. Of course, back then, I could not understand or even recognize even 25% of what I know today. But, I’ve learned throughout the years how to look back and reexamine that time in my life and reflect on those experiences, and that has been so gratifying! When I started learning about life through the lens of a pyramidal-exponential approach, I recognized more and more the beauty and power of creating the life you always wanted to have. It’s very possible!

4 - Q: Why do you feel this book is so needed right now?

A: Our current educational system typically does not teach us how to develop life skills and overcome challenges (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual). And so, many of us just don’t have the insight, tools or even the support to improve our lives, even though we want to. Having met so many people who are going through life feeling hurt or numb or hopeless, I simply just wanted to give them hope. Light. There IS a way to create a more meaningful life. I found it, and I wanted to share it.

5 - Q: What was one of your challenges in writing this?

A: I’m sure you can agree with me, writing a book is no easy task! Especially if you’ve never done it before! But, I was determined—even obsessed—to teach myself how to write a book so I could effectively communicate all the things I had learned in a way people could absorb that insight and then create happiness for themselves. 

I knew they could relate with my story, so I wanted to tell it as simply and authentically as possible in the hopes they could recognize areas of strengths and weaknesses in their own lives and then work to leverage or change that. I really relied on collecting insights from my experiences, observations and analysis, and then essentially wrote about them from the heart and in the most organic way I could. 

6 - Q: What are some key points that your readers will takeaway from this book? And, what is your hope they’ll be able to feel or do after reading it?

A: Some key takeaways are:

Life is not in black and white; therefore, if you live in absolutes, you will only set yourself up for disappointment and frustration. Learn to look at your experiences, situations and relationships from a more holistic— mind, body and soul — approach. 

Also, some of us are stuck in the hole of fear; my book will guide you on how to overcome fear and climb your way out towards the light.

Additionally, a lot of us either are really good at playing the ‘victim role’ or know those who do it, and I believe that prohibits us from moving forward in life. In my book, I show the influence of intrinsic motivation that can shift a person from ‘powerless victim’ to ‘empowered leader.’ 

I hope that readers will implement the concepts, use them and reflect on them. Also, they need to practice the techniques I present in the book. Creating habits takes time, effort and constant practice.

7 - Q: Anything you’ve learned about yourself as you’ve gone through this writing and publishing process?

A: You just have to commit to do it and then persevere until it’s done. Once you know it is good enough, then publish it. Do not hesitate. Don’t wait for it to be perfect. You can always have a second or third version later on. As life continues to evolve, so do we. This means that my current book highlights many of the experiences I lived and things I discovered, but I know in a year from now, I’ll be exploring new concepts and increasing my knowledge base. So, I might need to write a sequel book ;-).

8 - Q: What’s next for you in terms of sharing your story and promoting this book?

A: I am creating an Educational Platform and I started with my own Publishing House called the Royal Hispania Group in order to help others on a mass scale. I want to eventually publish content in the form of children stories so young people can better understand concepts such as manipulation.“I’ve developed some fun educational techniques that simplify complex life topics and engage children in ways they better understand who they are and their own self-development. I test it all the time with my nephews and other kids, and I’ve found they learn these concepts really fast that way. 

This book is just the beginning. Additionally, I will be hosting seminars and other events as part of my learning platform. 

9 - Q: How can we buy your book?

A: You can order it from Amazon. Just do a search in the site and write my name and surname, and it will appear (Penelope Morcillo). To make it easier, here is the link: . You can also visit my personal website or the publishing website at for more information.

“Ignorance is the mind’s night; but a night without moon or stars.”