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Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Life gives your the opportunity to overcome your problems.

In the worst moments, in the worst battles, despite having done the impossible to move forward, there are times when we want to give up. There, where we can barely breathe, staying mentally strong and doing the right thing (responsibly), is extremely important. Additionally, If you do not suffer acute physical pain, showing kindness and connection with people by just looking at their eyes and showing them that they matter, are an indispensable part of the previous binomial for us to get better.

The fact of not getting carried away by bad things that happen to us is key. We will act responsibly, checking our thoughts, feelings, ideas and words to see where they lead us and if they have taken the wrong course. If so, we will rectify it immediately.

Hold on!!!!, resist, stay put as much you can, continue whole and motivated despite the difficulties, this way you will see your reward arriving. Don't throw in the towel, it has taken you an immense effort to raise your consciousness to get where you are today. Don't let the inclemency and icy roads knock you down. Close your eyes, breathe, and start over.

It is, in these cases, where our "higher self" - or in other words, our best behaviour- has to endure and rise to the surface to stay. We cannot allow the collapse of this way of being because the other option will send us to the deepest abyss where there is no order and everything is out of control. Don't let it be done with you. Do not let penetrate and get stuck in you.

If you stop being the captain of your ship, you will disband. However, if your mind rules over your body, your time will probably not have come yet. Decide to change your course, you know how to do it and if you are lucky, you can start over and advance a brand-new step in your life.

Be strong my friend.

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