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Updated: Oct 26, 2020

We tend to compare ourselves with others, but we must know how to use this tool in our favor, and not against us.

When we make an effort or we want to reach a target, we must always compare ourselves with the best, and not to console ourselves with people who do things just half way or as a mediocre-type-of-person. This way we will gain momentum and courage to improve ourselves to do better.

When we feel bad about a personal situation we will compare ourselves with those who have less or are in worse circumstances than us and we will focus on how fortunate we are. Therefore, depending on our circumstances and the moment we are going through, we must use this mechanism to give ourselves the support we need.

Here you have some examples to put into practice:

if you complain or feel sorry for yourself because of your deficient financial situation or even, how poor your health is making you feel, just stop this thought and look at those who are in worse circumstances than you. Once you have done this, review cases that show you how they overcome their difficulties with joy, kindness and compassion for others. It is a full inspiration.

On the other hand, if you need to improve in your studies or work, always do it the other way around. Compare yourself with those who do things better and analyse how to improve yourself - Male having them as an example to start with-. Always look the excellence and learn from them, It can be very valuable.

(C) Penelope Morcillo

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