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During our life we go through events that trigger our emotions, when this happens our stability gets out of control and making decisions or doing certain jobs that require a high concentration that can become difficult.

On some occasions we have been able to observe that there are people who need to feel that "they are alive" feeling their emotions totally uncontrolled. They believe and feel that without this roller coaster that rushes his emotional part that is instinctive, they are not people or themselves, but nothing is further from the truth. They simply did not learned to manage them properly since the key to stability is to stay as balanced as possible in the area of feelings in an integrated way. That is, we will do it by grouping feelings of all kinds and uniting them so that they are all one. Here, the one who will guide will be the one who connects with the best part of us, with our "Higher Self".

The fact and need to live these acute and radical emotions usually mean that individuals live at the lowest point of the Pyramid of Consciousness (POC), which means that they frequently have negative relationships or addictions, and are carried away by their instincts, and there is little or no internal personal work done. They are not normally in contact with their inner world, they live largely in the outer world.

The consequences of not maintaining our emotions stable usually take us out of our personal center, and the emotional encounter that we can take needs its recovery, that is, we will have to do introspective and personal work to stabilize ourselves again because perhaps we feel depressed, sad or distressed and this takes time and inner work.

When we become destabilized it may be because the emotion reached has been immense and this can be given either up or down, that is, living something positive or negative. For example, when we go on a trip or meet friends or we didn´t see our family for a long time or just graduated from college. We may let ourselves be carried away by feelings and a high intensity with which others live this fact or even ourselves, but this way of processing what happens to us, makes us feel euphoric. Likewise, the death of a loved one can deeply depress us and make us suffer and take us out of our personal center or alignment of our body, mind and spirit. In these cases, as in many others, the extremes are not good and what nourishes and is best, is the middle way.

Once the work that readjusts our person has been satisfactorily carried out, we can return to the place where we were, where we enjoy peace and tranquility. It is something similar to leaving a planet where there is not little oxygen, the body and our organs get out of control, they begin to fail. Something similar happens when feelings get out of control and we need a few weeks or months to recover. Another example may be that we sprain our ankle and need to go to some rehab sessions to get it back to normal.

Wanting to understand this point of view is not easy, since if we take it for granted this would force us to do a job that is not comfortable where the laws of homeostasis that govern resistance are very present, so the body avoids the use energy and tends to postpone and hinder what we want to carry out. Therefore, we may choose not to do something simply because we do not want to push ourselves, unless we are highly trained to do all things as if we are enchanted and passionate about them.

Then, until we learn to properly manage our feelings, and this involves a lot of work and personal effort, we will not be able to stabilize our feelings. In addition, the probability that the person is in the instinctual area of the pyramid is quite high, and this implies that in order to get out of where they are, they also need to learn and apply new concepts that improve their understanding of life.

Similarly, we have to work with our ego and stubbornness (brute force) in order to advance in this part, which makes it a considerably demanding job. Therefore, in these cases it is better to wait until the person is going through a period of suffering where they seek light, and take that temporary opening to be able to be of help and not find a wall in front of us.

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