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Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Have you ever wanted to do everything with that excellence touch, but you were not able of progressing? Here you can learn how in less than three minutes.

When we need to improve ourselves in becoming a better version of ourselves reaching excellence in what you do is one of the items in your "to do list".

Normally we can think through how we do thing and what is needed, in order to understand better how to improve and reach that dream goal in our work area - or even life, maybe-. Therefore, sometimes we tend to concentrate in one areas or more.

In order to reach for excellence you can make a list of things you need to improve at work, and organise those actions from easy to difficult. It can be something as the following.

Example of the main points from my work list for improvement (you need to do your own):

1) Start having and doing my work in a tidier manner. Organise and archive my files according to a general criteria that works. Make sure I establish a procedure and I write it down for future references. Keep it updated if needed.

2) Make a time management plan; Sometimes I just need to have some handy templates tailor-made to easy my life.

3) Meditate 20 mins in the morning to become more focussed during the day so I can be more productive. If I didn't sleep well, then you need to duplicate the time invested in this duty.

4) Do the things that are more important or difficult or that need my head more fully clear, first thing in the morning as a routine;

5) Make sure that my time is given to the things that make sells/money and are important for me and the company I work for. Check the Pareto rule 80/20 (80 % of the result comes from 20% of the effort). Am I missing something?

6) Get to know my colleagues better, such as their motivations, their values, behaviours, etc. This need to be done progressively along with your others improvements and usually takes much more time but it pays-off. It is always good to know better who are you working with.

Your timeline to reach your goals or needs (points) are equal to the same number of months you have on your list. In my case the selected area is "work" and I have 6 points for improvement. So it is 6 months in my case. Once you have your list start applying it. In order to do so, you will begin with the easiest point and you will finish with the most difficult ones.

You will move forward one step at time, every month. The timing you need to consolidate your new way of doing things will depend on how you are getting on with it. Remember it is a new way of doing things, to improve your life to reach excellence in the selected area.

Additionally, if you are working in the project of improving your work life - like me- we will not do one thing from the improvement list very well and the others half-way. We need to be consistent and rise our level by doing things better than before at all levels. The key is to rise like the water, having a similar level in every aspect. Therefore, doing one thing very well and the others poorly are not going to help you.

The same strategy to reach excellence apply for the rest of the areas of your life can be applied.

I recommend to rise your excellence within an area, but not all levels at the same time - relationships, health, finances, etc.- Just start with baby-steps, and keep going...

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