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Full Story: Why did I wrote this book?

spite having lived a relatively normal life for 36 years, I was al- ways trying to make sense of my existence. It was only until re- cently when I was able to understand that I was quite confused
and also totally unconscious. To put it simply: I did not know myself. I was not fully aware of what was happening within and around me, and I was ex- periencing tremendous amounts of pain in my life without even realizing it. My perception was blocked. I had a distorted view of my perceived and limited reality. I felt confused about my purpose in life. I was lost in terms of my direction. I was suffering – and I had no clue why. After a guided jour- ney of self-discovery, however, I began to understand the causes of why I felt and behaved the way I did. I learned how to connect most of life’s dots and eventually discover (and pursue!) my overall meaning and purpose.
I wrote this book because I feel the personal responsibility to pass on the knowledge that was shared with me. That insight brought me out of a dark and inhospitable world in which I lived (and where many people currently live, albeit unknowingly so!). With a very high level of commitment, and with a lot of work, perseverance and support, I was able to reach a higher level of consciousness – and it allowed me to live a more satisfying and re- warding life. After all, isn’t that what we all want?
Learning life concepts as well as ancient and general knowledge, and then applying them, was certainly not easy because the information from my